Samuel Chase Apartments

Princess Anne, MD

Studio 343 Architecture partnered with Green Street Housing for the renovations to the Samuel Chase Apartments located in Princess Anne, Maryland.  The project was awarded funding through the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development’s Multifamily Bond Program.   Façade changes, new interior finishes and an improved exterior image were all part of the transformation.  Most noted in the renovation were the sustainability components that were incorporated.  Early on in the process Studio 343 and Green Street Housing agreed that green is not just “going green” but a philosophy of sustainability that can improve quality of life and preserve our vital resources.  With that in mind, EarthCraft certification was achieved as well as solar arrays installed on the townhomes.  The solar arrays will provide supplemental electricity to common area spaces.  As our flagship project with Green Street Housing, addressing sustainability as well as making an impact in affordable housing is a win-win.