Developer Offices

Annapolis, MD

An office in a 1940s movie theater may sound glamorous, but the reality for the client was that the second floor inserted into the old space had only eight-foot ceilings and no windows. When the ceiling was removed to reveal a soaring 15-foot ceiling punctuated with steel trusses and topped with a honey-colored wood roof, the foundation was laid for the luminous office space the client required. Windows were added to the exterior and a combination of slot windows and walls of plastic sheeting on interior offices allow light to penetrate the building’s center. Studio 343 custom designed much of the furniture and some light fixtures as well. The client’s willingness to use common materials in unique ways — like the application of shiny, light-reflecting wood flooring as a wall finish — contributes to the project’s success. The result is a space that is light and contemporary yet warm.