RPH is now Studio 343!

As we closed out 2018, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to rebrand the studio to express our mission, vision and ideals. Studio 343, formally RPH Architecture, evolved from the very essence of what drives our team to be better people and better architects—work with good people, love the work we do, and do work that matters in the community. We can confidently say that in 2018, we were three for three!

As we move forward into 2019, we also reflect on our past. We are forever grateful for those that have left their mark on our team through their talents, passions, and expertise. During this transition period, we take with us the firm’s impactful foundation to help us build the exciting future of Studio 343.

The Studio 343 name and logo not only communicate our values, but also share a glimpse into our methodology and creativity. We look forward to doing good work for good people in 2019.