South Bowie Expansion


The integration of two different types of building systems can pose challenges for the entire project team.  The three-story addition to the ezStorage facility located in Bowie was one such project. The building envelope was challenging because of the integration of a structural steel system to a pre-manufactured metal building.  To work through this process, multiple steps were needed.  It started with selective demolition of a section of the existing metal building while preserving the existing electrical room that had to remain functional during the construction.  Efforts were also needed to design temporary exterior walls to separate the existing spaces from the area of work during construction.  We were also responsible for coordinating with the structural engineer to identify columns and beams that could be removed and relocation of existing roof structure.  All of these tasks and others were needed for a successful project completion.  We enjoy working on projects that challenge us and the learning, although challenging is great for Studio 343.