Pinecrest Apartments Construction


In 2019, Pinecrest Apartments located in Bedford, Virginia was awarded funding through the VHDA Low Income Tax Credit Program.  Construction has begun on the 64-unit property and renovations are currently underway.  Currently, porches are being added to prevent rainwater entering the covered breezeways between units, brick siding is being installed at fronts and sides of the buildings to update the appearance as well as provide protection from the elements.  Vinyl siding is being replaced with cementitious siding which will last longer as well as provide an updated appearance.  When completed, each building will have a different color siding to have their own identity.  Interior renovations will follow and include replacement of fixtures and finishes, including additional cabinetry and high efficiency plumbing and lighting fixtures.  All units will also get updated mechanical systems and a dehumidification system to control moisture in the apartments.  Construction is set to wrap up in Fall 2020 and we look forward to seeing the complete transformation.