Francis Street Office


Renovating Historic buildings in a Historic district often comes with its unique challenges, and this office on Francis Street in Annapolis was no exception. Though the previous & proposed uses of the space were the same, the addition of a conference room upstairs in this roughly 3,000 SF office triggered a series of stricter code requirements. In addition to a new sprinkler system, we replaced the existing wood exterior egress stair with steel, which in turn required a Historic Preservation Commission review and hearing. Every modification on the exterior of a building in the Historic District requires an administrative Historic review, from mechanical penetrations to light fixtures to sprinkler connections. The hearing is a longer process where the Commission votes on the proposed modification after several weeks’ review. We worked closely with the appropriate government and historic agencies to ensure we submitted our documentation correctly and represented our client judiciously.

On the interior of the building we worked with the client to select finishes to brighten and modernize the space. The reception, kitchenette & copy areas were redesigned to meet the client’s functional and aesthetic needs, while modifications were made to the existing bathroom and stairs to meet ADA & IBC requirements. Upstairs, a previously open space was enclosed and a new conference room became the focal point of the 2nd floor. Two offices increased in size as a bathroom was added to meet required fixture counts. Overall, we were happy to assist our client in navigating the complex approval processes while creating an office space where they can interface with clients productively.