ezStorage Columbia North


The ezStorage facility located in Columbia, Maryland, is our latest project for Siena Corporation to enter into the construction document preparation phase. Most of their new facilities are new construction, but with this project we are utilizing an existing one-story building and building up and to the side to create a four-story, 120,000 SF commercial storage facility that will achieve LEED certification. As with most of our projects for Siena, we have been charged with creating 3-D renderings and elevations to assist in obtaining approvals from the local community association and the zoning board. The BIM (Building Information Modeling) software we use allows us to work through the design process in 3-D. This has many advantages: we create realistic renderings; we can move directly to construction documents; and important information can be extracted for use in pricing and construction. This streamlined process has proved invaluable for our clients in communicating designs and creating construction documents that limit the number of unexpected issues and costs that arise during construction.